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Memberships are designed to offer you additional savings and benefits. They are not required to make purchases or receive services at Herbal Health.

1 year membership  $100.00

Benefits come with unlimited use unless stated otherwise

  • FREE spot checks
  • Two FREE Soqi bed sessions ($30.00 value)
  • 10% off photon packages
  • 10% off footbaths
  • $15.00 off a scan with Tammy
  • $15.00 off profusion therapy
  • $10.00 off every $100.00 product purchase (such as $20.00 off a $200.00 purchase.) Can be used 5x a year, excludes sales.
  • $10.00 off coupon on the month of your birthday
  • One $25.00 food test ($50.00 value)


Additional Member $50.00/Member

Additional members must be added at time of purchase

How to Purchase a Membership

  • Consider if you want a membership for yourself or if you have any family members you would like to add.
  • Ask to sign up next time you visit our store.
  • You can purchase a membership the day you receive a service to receive the discounts and benefits of your membership.
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